About us

The company INGRA d.d. (joint stock company) for construction of investment facilities, import, export and representation was founded in 1955 as an export community of large manufacturers in electrical and mechanical engineering at the time, with the intention of gathering around them individual groups so as to organise for them export and investment building in the world. In more than 50 years of operations, INGRA has carried out work in more than 30 countries on more than 100 power-supply facilities like hydroelectric power plants, pumping stations, power plants, etc. and more than 700 different projects like factories, hotels, tourist complexes, hospitals, bridges and roads.

Today INGRA operates as a joint stock company which has, along with investment construction which it has carried out from its founding, expanded its activities to construction of residential buildings, tourism, especially nautical tourism, road construction and other accompanying activities. INGRA shares are quoted in the quotation of public share holding companies at the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

In recent times INGRA has also appeared on the domestic market as an investor in the building sector. In this segment too we are continuing in the direction of our business policy, and this is unquestionable quality.

Our aim is to offer maximum quality in market conditions, both in regards to classic construction technology and in the segment of additional technological solutions of a higher standard. We are not positioned as a manufacturer of “squares”, but as a company which imposes standards and makes a clear distinction between itself and builders without tradition, a clear conception and finally questionable quality.

About us
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