Seklafa Dam - a new 16.5 million kuna business deal in Algeria

Zagreb, June 16, 2015 - INGRA Co. and Algerian state company Cosider have concluded new 16.5 million kuna worth Contract on project design, hydro mechanical equipment delivery and installation and its start-up at the Seklafa Dam in Algeria.


During the last week’s visit to Algeria, the CEO INGRA Co. Mr. Igor Oppenheim signed another of a multimillion-kuna contract in a row with INGRA’s long time partner, State Company Cosider Travaux Publics, dam construction contractor under the State Agency for Water Resources.  

INGRA Co. Cosider and State Agency for Water Resources are successfully cooperating for over 20 years, and are currently bonded with contracts for dams Tagharist and L’Ouldjet Mellegue worth 46 million kuna.


Besides this project, INGRA Co. expects more good news from Algerian market since the company proved itself as successful, worthy and reliable constructor of demanding projects in the field of energy industry, that is INGRA’s area of expertise from the early beginning of its 60 years long history.  

INGRA Co. realized investment projects worth more than 700 million euro in Algeria in nearly 40 years of continuous business activity, and worth value of current and recently signed business deals is 96 million euro.

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