Social responsibility

Every company as a constituent part of the society has an important role in the development of the community in which these companies operate as a whole. In Ingra we believe that we fulfil our social responsibility primarily through responsible operations, but also through our relationship towards employees, business partners, shareholders and state and non-government organisations.

Quality and environmental control policy are the basis for the business management of INGRA which is directed towards strengthening the existing position in the world and domestic market. This is ensured through our own technical – technological and human resources and developed network of external associates, experts and cooperating companies from Croatia and abroad and years of experience conducting business.

As INGRA’s activities are directed towards offering services in all phases of construction of investment facilities and their maintenance, by carrying out specialised services in the area of engineering, consulting, development, research, trade and tourism we do our best to retain the high standards of quality set through numerous projects carried out in a quality manner.

Our business success rests on ensuring the satisfaction of our clients and fulfilling their wishes and needs with quality, reliability and safety of the services provided, while simultaneously conserving nature.

With the introduction of an integrated system of quality and environmental control we want to constantly improve the quality of our products and services and manage all significant aspects of the environment which can be monitored with the aim of preventing environmental pollution.
Social responsibility
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