IDNameProject typeCountryYear
227Psychiatric hospital "Bardovci", SkopjeHospitalsMACEDONIAu izgradnji
253L'Ouldjet Mellegue Dam, project design, delivery and installation of hydro-mechanical equipmentDamsALGERIAu izgradnji
256Seklafa Dam, project design, delivery and installation of hydro-mechanical equipmentDamsALGERIAu izgradnji
264Croatian State Road DC8, Žaborić escarpment sanationHighways, roads, tunnelsCROATIAu izgradnji
250TAGHARIST Dam, hydro-mechanical equipment delivery, installation and test runsDamsALGERIA2017
144Highway ZAGREB-SISAK, Section: Jakuševac - Velika Gorica southHighways, roads, tunnelsCROATIA2015
252Croatian State Road D29Highways, roads, tunnelsCROATIA2015
228Tetovo HospitalHospitalsMACEDONIA2014
229General Hospital GostivarHospitalsMACEDONIA2014
248HPP Dokan (5 x 80 MW), vibrations’ elimination and increased temperature regulationHidroelectrical power plantsIRAQ2014more
145Highway ZAGREB-SPLIT-DUBROVNIK, Section: Ravča - PločeHighways, roads, tunnelsCROATIA2013
246Rehabilitation of Unit No. 1 on HPP HadithaHidroelectrical power plantsIRAQ2013more
232Phosphate Plant in Al-Qaim, Rehabilitation of Two Twin-Cylinder Steam Turbines, 2 x 10 MWThermal power plantsIRAQ2012more
261SAF SAF Dam, Tebessa County, hydro-mechanical equipment project design, delivery, installation and test runsDamsALGERIA2011more
167HEPP Lešće 2 x 20,5 MVAHidroelectrical power plantsCROATIA2010more
190STORA, Port terminal extensionPortsALGERIA2010more
233Reconstruction of the University Hospital for Tumors, ZagrebHospitalsCROATIA2010
235Business-residential complex Dvori Lapad, DubrovnikBuildingsCROATIA2010more
115INGRA's full financing and construction of urban villa complex for the market at SREBRNJAK, ZagrebBuildingsCROATIA2009
163Spare parts for air blast circuit breakers, HPS 6x110MW, HPS HADITHAHidroelectrical power plantsIRAQ2009
165Spare parts and accessories, 6x110MW, HPS HADITHAHidroelectrical power plantsIRAQ2009
166Defect detection of turbine governor, 6x110MW, HE HADITHAHidroelectrical power plantsIRAQ2009more
189Construction of infrastructure facilities within MARSA BEN M'HIDI PortPortsALGERIA2009more
236Building an annex and reconstruction of the Pleso Airport Zagreb passenger buildingAirportsCROATIA2009
237M9 Highway, Section: Fushe-Kosove-ArllatHighways, roads, tunnelsKOSOVO2009
116Reconstruction and construction of the pavilion VI and pavilion for staff of the Hotel complex BRETANIDE, Bol, the island of Bra?BuildingsCROATIA2008
164Runner blades, 6x110MW, HPS HADITHAHidroelectrical power plantsIRAQ2008
198Engineering and mobile telephone related construction works for base stations of the mobile operator HT MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS, MostarTelecomunicationsBOSNIA I HERZEGOVINA2008
238Residential building Zaprudski Otok, ZagrebBuildingsCROATIA2008
239Arena ZagrebSports facilitiesCROATIA2008more
240Building an annex and renovation of HOTEL LAPAD, DubrovnikHotelsCROATIA2008
241Highway ZAGREB-SPLIT-DUBROVNIK, Section: Šestanovac-Zagvozd-RačvaHighways, roads, tunnelsCROATIA2008
242Highway ZAGREB-SPLIT-DUBROVNIK, Section: Ploče 1-Luka PločeHighways, roads, tunnelsCROATIA2008
262SKIKDA Port, Port terminal reconstruction worksPortsALGERIA2008more
117Supervision of construction works for the new building on the Clinical Hospital Centre REBRO, ZagrebBuildingsCROATIA2007
118INGRA's full financing and construction of residental and business complex, for the market, at ILICA 191, ZagrebBuildingsCROATIA2007
191MARSA BEN M'HIDI, Port terminal extensionPortsALGERIA2007
243Highway ZAGREB-SPLIT-DUBROVNIK, Section: Dugopolje-Bisko-ŠestanovacHighways, roads, tunnelsCROATIA2007
263SALAMANDER Port, Mostaganem County, Port terminal excavation worksPortsALGERIA2007more
153Construction of a new building for internal medicine department of the General Hospital Dr. TOMISLAV BARDEK, KoprivnicaHospitalsCROATIA2006
181KHIMVOLOKNO, Svetlogorsk - Viscose filtering and deaerationPaper industryBELARUS2006
119Construction of the costal monitoring complex for the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIABuildingsCROATIA2005
146Highway RIJEKA-RUPE, Section: Jurdani-PermaniHighways, roads, tunnelsCROATIA2005
147Highway ZAGREB-SPLIT, Section: Šibenik-VrpoljeHighways, roads, tunnelsCROATIA2005
154Reconstruction and upgrading works on the General Hospital DR TOMISLAV BARDEK, KoprivnicaHospitalsCROATIA2005
168Repair of the generator unit Nr. 2, 6x110MW, HPS HADITHAHidroelectrical power plantsIRAQ2005
182ZIV KHIMVOLOKNO, Mogilev - Viscose filtering and pumping stationPaper industryBELARUS2005
183KHIMVOLOKNO, Svetlogorsk - Viscose filtering, heating and pumping stationPaper industryBELARUS2005
199Engineering and construction works for the mobile operator ERONET, MostarTelecomunicationsBOSNIA I HERZEGOVINA2005
206Transformers, 4x350 MW, TPS AL SHEMALThermal power plantsIRAQ2005
120Construction of the costal monitoring complex for the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIABuildingsCROATIA2004
136KOUDIAT ROSFA DAM, Supply and instalation of hydro-mechanical and electro mechanical equipmentDamsALGERIA2004more
148Highway ZAGREB-SPLIT, Section: Vrpolje-PrgometHighways, roads, tunnelsCROATIA2004
169HPS SAMARA, Turbine system equipment and spare partsHidroelectrical power plantsIRAQ2004
193Twelve Grain Silos, Supply and instalation of dedusting equipmentSilosALGERIA2004more
194K.R.E.C. Substations 132/63/20 kVSubstationsIRAN2004
195Equipment for FASA & YAZD Substation, 400/230 kVSubstationsIRAN2004
196EL MANDOURA Substation 66/11 kVSubstationsEGYPT2004
197HAYKSTEP Substation 66/11 kVSubstationsEGYPT2004
200Engineering and construction works for the base stations of the operator VIP-NET CO., ZagrebTelecomunicationsCROATIA2004
207TPS AL SHEMAL, 4x350MW - CIRCULATING WATER SYSTEM, Supply of the complete equipment and control systemThermal power plantsIRAQ2004
149Highway ZAGREB-SPLIT, Section: Zadar 1 - Zadar 2Highways, roads, tunnelsCROATIA2003
150 Highway ZAGREB-SPLIT, Section: Sv. Rok - MaslenicaHighways, roads, tunnelsCROATIA2003
151Highway ZAGREB-GORIČAN, Section: Breznički Hum-N. MarofHighways, roads, tunnelsCROATIA2003
184ZIV KHIMVOLOKNO, Mogilev - Viscose delustering and pumping stationPaper industryBELARUS2003
201Engineering and construction works for ERICSSON - NIKOLA TESLA CO., ZagrebTelecomunicationsBOSNIA I HERZEGOVINA2003
112Construction of Restaurants Interier and Supply with EquipmentAirportsKOSOVO2002
111Extension and Reconstruction of Passanger Terminal Building at International AIRPORT PRISTINAAirportsKOSOVO2002
110Construction of Electrical Intake and Transformer Stations and LightingAirportsKOSOVO2002
109Construction of a Heating and Air Conditioning System for the Passanger Terminal Building at International Airport PRISTINAAirportsKOSOVO2002
170Winding & Insulation for autotransformer, BAQUBA, Transformer factoryHidroelectrical power plantsIRAQ2002
121Fencing Works at Police Substation in JUNIKBuildingsKOSOVO2001
122Construction of Car Park at OSCE - RC PRISTINABuildingsKOSOVO2001
160 Reconstruction of the Hotel CROATIA, CavtatHotelsCROATIA2001
161Reconstruction of the Hotel ASTAREA, MliniHotelsCROATIA2001
202Foundations for Microwave Antenna Tower for OSCETelecomunicationsKOSOVO2001
113Alteration and Refurbishment of the Transport AreaAirportsKOSOVO2000
123Supply and Installation of a Perimeter Fence at Central Government BuildingBuildingsKOSOVO2000
155Refurbishment of a Medical Center for UNMIKHospitalsKOSOVO2000
124Reconstruction of MORMON CHURCH, MoscowBuildingsRUSSIAN FEDERATION1999
203Supply and installation of optical cable for the REGIONAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, KemerovoTelecomunicationsRUSSIAN FEDERATION1999
156Cardiac Center, VOLGOGRADHospitalsRUSSIAN FEDERATION1998
125Reconstruction of COMMERCIAL BANK IMPERIAL, MoscowBuildingsRUSSIAN FEDERATION1996
126INGRA, Zagreb - Head Office BuildingBuildingsCROATIA1996
180Brick Making Factory LENINSK-KUZNETSKIY, cap. 30 million pcs/yearMaterial plantsRUSSIAN FEDERATION1996
185CHERKASSY KHIMVOLOKNO, Cherkassy - Viscose filtration, deaeration and delusteringPaper industryUKRAINE1996
186Viscose Filtering Line, KRASNOYARSKPaper industryRUSSIAN FEDERATION1996
188LAKHDARIA Alkyd Resin FactoryPetrochemical ind.ALGERIA1996
204Supply and installation of optical cable for ORGRES, MoscowTelecomunicationsRUSSIAN FEDERATION1996
209Measuring and Control Equipment for Chemical Water Treatment Plant KEMEROVOWater supplyRUSSIAN FEDERATION1996
127Public Technology Cultural Center, DNEPROPETROVSKBuildingsUKRAINE1995more
128Reconstruction of the general store TVERJ, MoscowBuildingsRUSSIAN FEDERATION1995
129Supply, installation of heating equipment and reconstruction works for district heating system sub-station in LENINSK - KUZNETSKIYBuildingsRUSSIAN FEDERATION1995
130Supply, installation of heating equipment and reconstruction works for district heating system sub-station for REGIONAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, KemerovoBuildingsRUSSIAN FEDERATION1995
131Recontruction of the Administration Building of REGIONAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, Kemerovo BuildingsRUSSIAN FEDERATION1995
132Reconstruction of RUSSIAN FOOD BANK, MoscowBuildingsRUSSIAN FEDERATION1995
157Reconstruction of polyclinics in BELOVOHospitalsRUSSIAN FEDERATION1995
158ENERGETIC Health center HospitalsRUSSIAN FEDERATION1995
171HEPP DOROODZAN 2x5.9 MWHidroelectrical power plantsIRAN1995
172 HEPP SEPHID ROOD overhauling of first generating unitHidroelectrical power plantsIRAN1995
2106 Pumping StationsWater supplyEGYPT1995
139Brewery LENINSK-KUZNETSKIY, cap. 5,000 hl/yearFood processing ind.RUSSIAN FEDERATION1994
140Tomato and Mango Processing Factory MANTO, cap. 100t/dayFood processing ind.ALGERIA1994
141Micro Brewery LENINSK-KUZNETSKIYFood processing ind.RUSSIAN FEDERATION1994
152Cardiac Center - KEMEREVOHospitalsRUSSIAN FEDERATION1994
173HEPP SHIRORO Generators 4x176.5 MVAHidroelectrical power plantsNIGERIA1994
187Viscose Delustering Line KRASNOYARSKPaper industryRUSSIAN FEDERATION1994
137GHRIB / BOUHANIFIA / SARNO Dams, Screen reconstruction worksDamsALGERIA1993more
174HEPP MANZELET, 4x31 MWHidroelectrical power plantsTURKEY1993
175HEPP BAGRE, Generator 2x9 MVAHidroelectrical power plantsBURKINA FASO1993
133Department Store - PECSBuildingsHUNGARY1992
176HEPP BLANDA, Hydro-mechanical equipmentHidroelectrical power plantsICELAND1992
138BOUHANIFIA / FERGOUG DAMS, Reconstruction and reinforcementDamsALGERIA1991
177HEPP SIR DAM (3x105 MVA) Supplied: -single-phase transformers 35 MVA, 10.3/162 kV - three-phase reg. Transformers 31, 25 MVA, 33/154 12.5% kVHidroelectrical power plantsTURKEY1991
192ARZEW El-Djedid PortPortsALGERIA1991more
205Theatre SZIGLIGETITheatresHUNGARY1991
114BOUFARIK AirportAirportsALGERIA1990more
134OIL COMPLEX Project, BAGHDADBuildingsIRAQ1990more
142Baby Food Factory KMK KEMEROVOFood processing ind.RUSSIAN FEDERATION1990
143Sugar Factory IPK OSIJEKFood processing ind.CROATIA1990
178HEPP BIRRIS, 2x6 MWHidroelectrical power plantsCOSTA RICA1990
179HEPP DUBRAVAHidroelectrical power plantsCROATIA1990
208TPP PLOMIN II, 1x210 MWThermal power plantsCROATIA1990
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