Civil engineering

INGRA is divided into specialised groups that work together through a joint network of representatives and business connections in all large world centres. The construction group of INGRA includes complete low-rise construction, research and feasibility studies, design and high-rise construction.

The programme of the group covers the following areas:

  • Power supply (hydro, thermo and nuclear) plants
  • Dams, tunnels, water management
  • Industrial plants and silos
  • Motorways, bridges, viaducts, airports and sea ports
  • Residential facilities, public and commercial buildings
  • Tourist, sports and recreational facilities
  • Hospitals

Road construction is also one of the significant activities of INGRA. From the very beginning of the construction of the motorway in the Republic of Croatia, INGRA has participated in this project. In various organisational forms, the following viaducts were constructed: Moždenec, 209 m in length, on the section Breznicki Hum - N. Marof of the motorway Zagreb – Gorican; part of the section Sv. Rok – Maslenica, the viaduct Baricevic, 269 m in length and Boži?i, 260 m in length and the section Zadar 1 – Zadar 2 on the Adriatic motorway.

With the continued construction of the motorway towards Split, INGRA is participating in the construction of the section Benkovac – Pirovac, as well as the route, junction Vrpolje and facilities on the section Vrpolje – Prgomet. On the section Šibenik – Vrpolje INGRA constructed the viaduct Dubrava, 160 m in length, and all underpasses, crossings and overpasses.
In the construction of the motorway Rijeka – Rupe, INGRA is participating in construction of the section Jurdani – Permani.
INGRA, as a member of various organisation forms, received all the aforementioned activities from among very strong international competition. As a partner in a consortium of Croatian companies, INGRA is participating in the continued construction of the motorway from Split to Plo?e in a total length of 96.2 km whose value is close to 5 billion HRK.
Design activities cover all types of construction facilities through design organisation operating inside INGRA’s member companies or as independent organisations with whom INGRA maintains permanent business connections.
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