For years now INGRA has been involved in construction in the area of telecommunications. The first experience in this area was acquired in the construction of the network of optical cables in Siberia and advanced to the construction of a GSM network for the operator VIPnet in Croatia. Furthermore, INGRA has concluded a contract on the construction of a GSM network for JB BH TELECOM and HT Mobile Communications, Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

INGRA has been the responsible party for work in the construction project for the GSM network in Croatia for VIPnet from the very beginning, i.e. from 1998. The VIPnet team selects the location and INGRA has exclusive rights to engineering the construction of the network: from design, research and soil testing, procurement of location and building permits to the construction itself and technical inspection of the station. This job was received by means of an international tender.

The 96 percent coverage of the Croatian population was achieved in three and a half years work on the VIPnet system. INGRA constructed two kinds of base stations in the construction of the GSM network in Croatia: stations on existing facilities and in open spaces.
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