Operating conditions

Operating conditions:
These internet sites are information and communication service of the company INGRA d.d., Zagreb. By their use or downloading of files published in these sites you confirm that you have agreed to all conditions stated below. In case of disagreement with these conditions please do not use these internet sites or download any files from them.

Content and purpose:
Copying, reproduction, distribution and publication of the whole content or any part of ti without previous written approval of INGRA d.d. is prohibited. The content that you are using is intended for personal use only. Logos and trade marks presented in these sites are owned by INGRA d.d. and must not be used on other internet sites without previous written authorisation of INGRA d.d. The trade mark INGRA d.d. or any other trade mark which comprises it must not be put on other internet site without previous written approval of INGRA d.d.

Terms of use and responsibility:
Information on these internet sites is published in good faith and INGRA d.d. considers them true.
Under no circumstance does INGRA d.d. undertake any responsibility for any damages or losses resulting from the use of information published on these internet sites. Information on these sites may comprise so technical imperfections or printing errors. They may change or be published without previous announcement.

INGRA d.d. does not undertake any responsibility for materials created by third party for which a link has been set on these internet sites. If you decide to visit any internet site linked to Ingra’s sites you will do so on your own risk. Your responsibility is to undertake all required protective measures. The set links do not necessarily mean that INGRA d.d. sponsors these subjects or that it has an partnership relation with them.

INGRA d.d. is aware of the importance of privacy and confidentiality. Accordingly we will take care that security and integrity of all details of personal nature are preserved by completely respecting relevant laws.
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