Social responsibility

Every company as a constituent part of the society has an important role in the development of the community in which these companies operate as a whole. In Ingra we believe that we fulfil our social responsibility primarily through responsible operations, but also through our relationship towards employees, business partners, shareholders and state and non-government organisations.

Quality and environmental control policy are the basis for the business management of INGRA which is directed towards strengthening the existing position in the world and domestic market. This is ensured through our own technical – technological and human resources and developed network of external associates, experts and cooperating companies from Croatia and abroad and years of experience conducting business.

As INGRA’s activities are directed towards offering services in all phases of construction of investment facilities and their maintenance, by carrying out specialised services in the area of engineering, consulting, development, research, trade and tourism we do our best to retain the high standards of quality set through numerous projects carried out in a quality manner.

Our business success rests on ensuring the satisfaction of our clients and fulfilling their wishes and needs with quality, reliability and safety of the services provided, while simultaneously conserving nature.

With the introduction of an integrated system of quality and environmental control we want to constantly improve the quality of our products and services and manage all significant aspects of the environment which can be monitored with the aim of preventing environmental pollution.

Management of quality and the environment

By introducing an integrated system for the management of quality and the environment we want to continually improve the quality of our products and services and manage all significant aspects of the environment which we can monitor with the aim of continual prevention of environmental pollution.

The Management Board promotes the management of quality and the environment as a joint effort by all in achieving superior quality service with environmental protection. The policy forms the basis of the system for management of quality and the environment and the Management Board strives to make employees and all external associates more aware of these.

Aside from company policy, the Management board defines the policy of individual organisational entities adjusted for specifics, and expresses readiness to accept international and national legal and other requirements for environmental protection.

The Management Board is orientated towards constant communications with business partners, internal and external interest groups when working on quality and environmental protection, and tries to present policy and the results of management of the environment in an appropriate manner to the public. Furthermore, the Management Board obliges to, within the framework of its activities, work on the consistent application and improvement of the system for management of quality and the environment, for the purpose of raising the quality, state of the environment, reduction of costs and increasing the satisfaction of clients and employees.

An integrated system of management of quality and the environment is founded on the principles of the standards EN ISO 9001:2008
and principles of the standard EN ISO 14001:2004, with the idea:

“Even when we change nature, let’s protect it!”

Sustainable development

Sustainable development is a complicated term which contains an environmental protection component, and social and economic component. The idea of sustainable development emerged through the connecting of various effects of production and development and the undeniable influence on the wider understood environment, to our surroundings. Conducting business operations according to the guidelines of sustainable development do not have as a purpose stoppage or slowing down of progress itself, but the discovery of developmental paths which will not endanger the environment with an emphasis on the social factor and improvement of living conditions. The task is very complicated because at first it appears as if they are two opposed concepts. However, this in fact is not true as the key is in finding a solution that will not endanger living conditions and among which environmental protection is an important element. We try to conduct our operations, which are directed towards providing services in all phase of the construction of investment facilities and their maintenance, according to the principles of sustainable development – taking into account that satisfying the needs of current generations does not bring into question the possibility of satisfying the needs of future generations.

Keeping in mind the idea that even when we change nature, lets protect it!, we systematically integrate the principles of management of the environment and sustainable development into our business decisions and processes. Management of the environment is one of our key priorities. We try to maximally reduce our negative influence on the environment, and wherever possible, we try to, in cooperation with the supply chain, achieve advancements in the processes of management of the environment.

Sponsorships and donations

In all our activities we try to be a reliable partner in relation to the community and a good corporate citizen.

INGRA has built its fifty year experience and international reputation primarily owing to the high level of education and expert knowledge of its staff which even today it systematically nurtures. Therefore we are aware that hard work and effort directed towards the acquisition of knowledge should not only be awarded but also motivated. We believe that one of the key prerequisites for further development of each community is the education of young people.

Therefore participation in the action Top scholarships for students was a logical choice through which Ingra desires to motivate both students awarded scholarships and other students to not give up their hard work.

The top scholarships for top students, an action which was founded five years ago by the weekly magazine Nacional in cooperation with partners funding this action, awards the thirty best students from all Croatian faculties and universities with the largest scholarship in Croatia in the amount of 40,000 HRK annually.

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