The company INGRA was founded in 1955 as an export association of industrial manufacturers from the former Yugoslavia in an effort to organize export activities and investment construction for foreign manufacturers. Since 1995, it has operated as a joint stock company in compliance with Croatian regulations. It is now a fully privatized joint stock company with a majority ownership of small shareholders.

From the very beginning, INGRA JSC has undertaken investment projects in Croatia and abroad, such as large power and industrial plants. It has also built large tourist complexes, hotels, hospitals, and similar capital buildings on a turnkey basis.

Over the years, INGRA has successfully adapted to market demands and changes. It has reacted to the needs of economic development in Croatia, from independence until today, by developing and transforming its business activities. In the mid-1990s, it participated in the restoration and reconstruction of infrastructural and production facilities damaged in the Homeland War, construction of highways in Croatia (the largest construction and infrastructure project in the country), built a telecommunications network for a new mobile operator in the Croatian market and reconstructed the war-ravaged tourist facilities in the Dubrovnik area. In 2004, it launched housing investment projects in Croatia, while simultaneously continuing to expand its activities in the tourism sector.

The end of the first decade of the 2000s was marked by major investment projects, including the largest Croatian public-private partnership project to date and the most impressive and complex construction project in independent Croatia – the construction of the multipurpose Arena Zagreb (2008). Our most prominent energy project was the construction of the hydroelectric power plant Lešće (2010), the first hydroelectric power plant built in Croatia after its independence. In the housing segment, we have built luxury residential buildings, including a villa complex on Srebrnjak (2009) and a residential and business building Dvori Lapad (2010). Work on major infrastructural projects and highways is ongoing. In 2013, the company participated in the construction of the Split-Ploče highway section (A1 highway, section Ravča – Ploče 1) as a partner in a consortium of Croatian companies. Two years later, it participated in the construction of a new section of the Zagreb-Sisak highway, the Jakuševac-Velika Gorica south section, a road that is a part of the Zagreb bypass.


The development of engineering services on Croatian infrastructural projects

• Civil engineering projects
• Utility infrastructure construction projects

The development of engineering services on investment projects

• Building construction projects
• Energy projects

The development of own investments

• Real estate business
• Development of investments in the energy industry



Danko Deban
President of the Management Board

Dinko Pejković
Member of the Management Board



Mario Aunedi Medek, president

Mladen Markoč, deputy president

Ivan Škegro, member

Ante Armanda, member

Damir Delišimunović, member

Brane Golubić, member

The Supervisory Board has an Audit Committee and a Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

The Audit Committee reports to the Supervisory Board on the outcome of the statutory audit, monitors the financial reporting process and submits recommendations and proposals to ensure its integrity, monitors the efficiency of the internal quality control system and risk management system and performs other related tasks.

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee of the Supervisory Board prepares the basis for the Supervisory Board so that it can decide on the appointment of the President and members of the Management Board, revocation of that appointment, as well as remuneration. It also prepares an inheritance plan to renominate or replace members of the Management Board.



Top 10 shareholders (September 2023)

  1. DEBAN DANKO 5,12 %
  2. HERCEG FRANJO  4,68 %
  3. PODRAVSKA BANKA D.D. – Custody account 3,85 %
  4. SEDLAR JOSIP 3,69 %
  5. INGRA D.D. (1/1) 3,30 %
  7. PEJKOVIĆ DINKO 2,92 %
  8. TROMONT D.O.O. 2,36 %
  10. ĆALETA JOZO 1,56 %


At INGRA, we believe that the know-how, business skills and competencies of our employees are significant potential and capital of the company, and therefore we pay special attention to employee well-being by encouraging career and personal development through systematic additional training.

INGRA is focused on continuously improving the quality of its products and services and achieving ambitious goals that require professional, capable, and motivated people with the competencies required for working in a demanding environment.