About us The company INGRA d.d. (joint stock company) for construction of investment facilities, import, export and representation was founded in 1955 as an export community of large manufacturers in electrical and mechanical engineering at the time, with the intention of gathering around them individual groups so as to organise for them export and investment building in the world. In more than 50 years of operations, INGRA has carried out work in more than 30 countries on more than 100 power-supply facilities like hydroelectric power plants, pumping stations, power plants, etc. and more than 700 different projects like factories, hotels, tourist complexes, hospitals, bridges and roads. » more
Ingra constantly follows movements in the market at home and abroad. In today’s fast and modern market only those flexible enough to recognise needs on time survive and Ingra is just that. From its very beginning INGRA offered and carried out large investment projects, like large power-supply and industrial plants, and it also constructed large tourist complexes, hotels, hospitals and similar capital facilities according to the “key in hand” system.

Our basic business activities are:

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